From Ancient China Comes The Gift of Relief...

Comforting Relief!

Penetrates Deep To
Soothing Your Aches
and Pains!
We Deliver Worldwide!



How It Works:

Ramedica Herbal Wonder Balm...
is a true topical analgesic. When applied, it not only acts as a counter-irritant to provide comforting relief of aches and pains and other irritants, it also extends deep into the areas where it is intended to have its maximum effect and benefits.

Ramedica penetrates deeply into the muscles to soothe the aching and painful area, allowing it to heal naturally and painlessly.

Ramedica is a unique combination of essential botanical oils, botanical extracts and all natural ingredients. This unique, proprietary blending ensures that the individual ingredients are in synergy, immeasurably enhancing each ingredient's natural healing power. This creates a new synergistic formula which cannot be duplicated.



Ramedica... Herbal Wonder Balm
Tiger Balm Extra Strength
Flexall 454 Ultra Plus
Ben Gay Ultra Strength
Icy Hot
Zostrix Sports
Wintergreen Oil
Cassia Oil
Clove Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Nutmeg Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Oil
Citronella Oil
Base of Lily White Gel and Pure Beeswax.
        100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
"This universal product has helped me dramatically on 3 separate occasions: a sprained ackle, a torn ligament and excruciating lower back pain. The incredible relief I experienced was immediate and complete.  I recommend this powerful product without qualifications to all in need of  it.  Ramedica is a gift to the world."

J.A. Blackmore, Honolulu, Hawaii

United Kingdom

"I cannot praise your product too highly and have told people all over Europe."

Peter H. Gubbins, Dorset, England

"The benefits and the useful possibilities of this natural product are too far reaching to express in words."

C. Salvemini, Vercelli, Italy


"I have suffered with arthritis for about six years and Ramedica is the only source of relief that I've found to be all that you claim."

DonaldSegel, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

"I use this wonderful product for my whole family, from my 93-year-old mother to my children and grandchildren.  I am of the opinion that this fantastic ointment will prove a boon to all who use it."

Quah Keng Guan, Perak, Malaysia


Ramedica Provides Relief for Many Different Types of Aches and Pains

Muscle & Joint Pains  |  Backaches  |  Arthritis  | Rheumatism  |  Strains
Sprains |  Minor Inflamations  |  Insect Bites  |  Itch |  Skin Problems
Lumbago |  Sciatica  |  Bursitis  |  Tennis Elbow |   Carpal Tunnel
Burnand Scalds  |  Headache  |  Bruises  |  Blisters |  Sunburn  |  Mumps
Swollen Glands  |  Stomach Ache  |  Colds and Congestion |  And More...


Natural Herbal Formula
Pure Botanical Oils
United States F.D.A. Compliance
Time Tested
Easy to Use with a Pleasant Aroma
Concentrated and Economical
No Preservatives
No Chemical Binders
No Animal Products

No Animal Testing


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